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Exclusive: Premier League Legend Slams ‘Desperate and Selfish’ Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Study in Brilliance and Bravado

Star Power on the Pitch: Ronaldo’s Unique Appeal

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent performances for Portugal have been tinged with both desperation and a noticeable selfishness. Yet, despite these qualities, he remains a compelling figure, one who dominates the footballing stage not just with his skills, but with his sheer presence. As observed by Pat Nevin for Genting Casinos, Ronaldo’s actions on the field, though sometimes divisive, underscore why he is still considered “box office.”

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Comparing Icons: Ronaldo vs. Messi

Ronaldo’s style contrasts starkly with that of Lionel Messi, another titan of modern football. While Messi epitomizes the quiet, diligent athlete, Ronaldo’s approach is far more flamboyant. Nevin notes, “He’s not my favourite footballer, I am more of a fan of Lionel Messi type player who quietly goes about their job and isn’t just ‘look at me’ or trying to be a celebrity, but Ronaldo is box office.” This difference in style extends beyond personal preference, highlighting a fundamental dichotomy in sportsmanship and celebrity within sports.

Performance Analysis: From Slovenia to the Big Stage

In a recent match against Slovenia, Ronaldo displayed both the remnants of his unparalleled abilities and signs of his advancing age. A few years ago, the same opportunities might have seen him scoring multiple times, thanks to his once “prodigious” leaping ability. Now, it’s just “kind of good.” Yet, Nevin admires Ronaldo’s relentless spirit, “But you could not take your eyes off him for a millisecond and I kind of loved that about him. And I loved the fact that for all the selfishness and all the indulgence and all that sort of stuff, he still works hard.”

Beyond the Field: Work Ethic and Dedication

Ronaldo’s work ethic remains undeniable. In a game where there was ostensibly nothing at stake, he was described as the hardest working player on the pitch. This was particularly evident in his readiness to step up and take the first penalty in a shootout, despite the pressures and past disappointments. Nevin reflects on this, asserting, “He tried everything and you have to give him credit for taking the first penalty in the shoot-out because he was crushed by missing the first one.”


The allure of watching Ronaldo live, as opposed to through the filtered lens of television, is significant. Nevin captures this sentiment perfectly, noting that while TV close-ups might amplify Ronaldo’s frustrating moments, seeing him in action across the entire pitch paints a more comprehensive and appreciative picture of his efforts and skills.

In conclusion, while Cristiano Ronaldo may not embody the understated genius of a player like Messi, his contributions to football are undeniable. His ability to captivate, influence, and perform under immense pressure remains unmatched, affirming his status not just as a player, but as an enduring spectacle in the world of sports. It is this very complexity—his blend of vulnerability and virtuosity—that keeps audiences riveted and ensures that, regardless of his age or the changing dynamics of his game, Ronaldo remains a monumental figure in football.

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