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William Gallas: France vs. England – A Battle of Tactics

England’s Tournament Performance: A Mixed Bag of Expectations and Realities

As the Euro Championship progresses, the performance of England’s national team has been a hot topic of debate. The recent insights from former footballer William Gallas, shared in an exclusive interview with Lord Ping, offer a blend of scepticism and cautious optimism regarding England’s prospects. Here, we delve into Gallas’ thoughts, drawing from his extensive experience in the game.

England vs. France: A Hypothetical Final Showdown

Gallas candidly addresses the potential final between England and France. His views are clear and somewhat dismissive of England’s threat to France. He states, “(Laughs) Why would anyone in France be worried about England? Seriously. If the final is played between France and England, then France will be the favourite.” According to Gallas, France stands a strong chance with a 60% likelihood of victory, indicating his confidence in his home nation’s capabilities.

Evaluating England’s Journey to the Semi-Finals

Reflecting on England’s path to the semi-finals, Gallas expresses his surprise at their advancement, given their inconsistent performances. “I will be honest with you. I didn’t expect England to qualify for the semi-final. I tipped Switzerland to win against England, so I got that one wrong.” Despite his initial doubts, Gallas acknowledges the passion and dedication of English fans, appreciating their unwavering support.

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Standout Performers and Disappointments

When asked about individual performances, Gallas is unequivocal in his praise for Declan Rice. “I think England’s best player at the championship has been Declan Rice. When you look at England’s performances over five games, Rice has been Gareth Southgate’s most consistent player.” However, he also points out the underwhelming contributions of key players like Phil Foden and Harry Kane, despite Kane’s goal-scoring efforts. “Even though Harry has scored two goals and could finish the tournament with the golden boot, his performances haven’t been good enough.”

Questionable Decisions by Gareth Southgate

Gallas doesn’t shy away from critiquing some of Gareth Southgate’s tactical decisions. His main contention lies with the limited playtime given to Cole Palmer. “I think Gareth Southgate’s reluctance to play Cole Palmer is the one decision that I would challenge him on.” He suggests that Southgate’s approach lacks the necessary dynamism, often sticking with big names even when their performance falters. Despite these criticisms, Gallas concedes that Southgate has succeeded in leading his team to the semi-finals, an accomplishment that speaks volumes about his overall strategy.

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Comparing Tactical Styles: England, France, and Spain

Gallas provides an insightful comparison of the tactical styles employed by England, France, and Spain. He notes that both England and France adopt a conservative approach, prioritising defensive stability over attacking flair. “Both of them played as defensive players during their career and that has definitely had an influence on their tactical style.” In contrast, Spain’s style is marked by freedom and creativity, a factor that has made their football more attractive but not necessarily more effective in securing victories.


The analysis offered by William Gallas highlights the complexities and nuances of England’s performance in the tournament. While there are areas for criticism, particularly in tactical decisions and individual performances, there is also a recognition of the team’s unexpected progress to the semi-finals. As the tournament unfolds, it remains to be seen whether England can overcome their inconsistencies and rise to the occasion, especially if they face formidable opponents like France.

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