Coleman: Swansea would cope without Laudrup | Stats compared to Rodgers

Coleman: Swansea would cope without Laudrup | Stats compared to Rodgers

Wales manager Chris Coleman believes Swansea will continue to thrive as a club regardless of whether Michael Laudrup stays with the club or not.

Will Laudrup be the one to lead them in to Europe next season.

Will Laudrup be the one to lead Swansea in to Europe next season?

Laudrup has recently guided Swansea to their first major trophy after beating Bradford 5-0 in the Capital One Cup final, which has increased speculation over his future.

Coleman, an ex-Swansea defender, said to BBC Sport: “Hopefully they don’t lose him, but I’m sure they’ll get by.”

Swansea chairman Huw Jenkings is thought to have opened contract talks with his manager and believes Laudrup will be the man leading them in to Europe next season:

[quote]Personally I have no issue about the thought of him not being here next season I think he will be here and he’s stated he would honour his contract.[/quote]

Laudrup has one year left on his deal at Swansea and has been linked with the managers job at both Chelsea and Real Madrid. Madrid fans recently conducted a poll on who should succeed Jose Mourinho at the Bernabeu, with Laudrup getting 72% of the votes.

Despite being hot property on the continent, Coleman firmly believes that should Laudrup go, a suitable replacement will not be far behind him:

[quote]If they do lose Michael Laudrup – I hope they don’t and I’m not saying they will – Swansea will be clever in who they appoint. And they’ve done it all along since they lost Roberto Martinez. They’ve always replaced one manager with another [with a very] similar style.[/quote]

Michael Laudrup Premier League Record Vs Brendan Rodgers’  Record last season:

Swansea under Laudrup in 2012/13:

Swansea Record Under Laudrup in EPL

Swansea under Brendan Rodgers in 2011/12:

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