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My analysis today is to analyse which player is the best centre back in Premier League so far this season by comparing their statistics this season. To compare the best centre-backs in the Premier League I have taken the two most prominent centre backs of each of the top 10 clubs in the Premier League. By doing this we should come to the conclusion of which centre back is the best in the Premier League statistically. As a starting point, I have ranked the players with different factors and given them points on how well they perform. The points are given as follows:


The best defenders in the Premier League are seen in the table below. Gary Cahill tops the table with 21 points, just 1 point ahead of Evans, Nastasic and Jagielka. The analysis is sensitive due to included factors and I cannot say that Gary Cahill is the best centre back in the Premier League but from a statistical viewpoint he is.

This just shows that these six players are, statistically, among the best centre backs in the Premier League. Nastastic has an incredible tackle win per cent, whilst Jagielka dominates the ground duels and McAuley is the best in the air. What these six players have in common is, that they make very few mistakes and that none of them have received any red cards.

These players also reflect those centre backs, who have scored the most goals, with Jonny Evans scoring 3 goals. Nastastic, from this analysis, has done well this season and overshadowed his captain, Kompany. What also may surprise you and maybe also explains why West Bromwich is in top 10 of the league, is that Gareth McAuley has been one of the best centre backs this season. Mertesacker has been good this season and has played way better than his partner Thomas Vermaelen. Mertesacker also has the highest passing accuracy % of all defenders analysed.


The next table shows the players in the middle. They are not the best centre backs at the moment but they are still good defenders. Most of them are also make very few mistakes, but they are not dominant in the other areas of their play. Jan Vertonghen and Chico Flores are new to the Premier League and from this it shows that they have had a good first season. Jan Vertonghen though, has played nearly as many matches as a left back as at centre back. Vincent Kompany, who was one of the best defenders last season, has not been as prominent this season. Daniel Agger is playing a season without injuries and is showing that he is one of the best defenders in the league.


The last table shows the worst centre backs from those analysed. David Luiz has played many of his games at the DM and this maybe explains why he is in the bottom of the centre back list. This analysis also shows that Martin Skrtel, Thomas Vermaelen and Ashley Williams are the worst centre-backs in the Premier League’s top 10 clubs. What these players have in common is that they make way too many mistakes and this implies a lack of concentration.


A concluding remark is, that this analysis is very sensitive to the factors included and that my analysis could show other results if any of the factors were changed or if more were added. However all things being equal, this shows a fair picture of who has been the best centre back in the Premier League this season.

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