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Sergio Aguero | Real Deal or Big Mistake?

There are no questions that Sergio Aguero impressed in his 31minute debut for Manchester City in their 4-0 thumping of Swansea City, but is Sergio Aguero the real deal or is he just another move that will end up costing City more than they want.

Sergio Aguero came in from Atletico Madrid in a deal worth nearly £40M in August of this year. Aguero made an instant impression in the City media making a statement in the Tevez drama, stating that he didn’t care whether Tevez was in the side or not, that it would be nice to play with him, but if he didn’t it didn’t make a difference to him. Aguero, a bullish 5’7”, scored 20 goals in 31 appearances for Atletico in the 2010/11 campaign, and proved that he can put the ball in the net when asked to do so. Aguero is a clear scorer, although he only netted the ball 3 times in the Copa America tournament. The Argentine quickly caught the attention of Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini however, and was brought in upon request.

After being put in the lineup as a sub but passed up for a few games, Aguero made his debut for Manchester City in the 60th minute of their match against Swansea City and the impact was imminent. Aguero’s ball movement and motion led to a goal assist and his continuous hunger for the ball and a chance to score saw him put in two goals, the second showing that he has the potential (if he isn’t already) of being a world class signing. Aguero’s constant want to be inside the box and to always be attacking helps show that he’s a good player who wants nothing more than to score and to win.

An impressive debut? Yes. But proof already of a rising Premier League star? That question has yet to be answered.

In his debut, Sergio Aguero had 2 goals on just 5 goals attempts, a conversion rate of 40%, and tacked on one assist. The passing rate is good enough to be impressive but the possession duels prove that he didn’t necessarily show the strength that he may have. Losing 5 out of 8 possession battles shows that he may not keep the ball that well, but when he has it he is extremely dangerous. When Aguero is on the ball, he knows exactly what to do and exactly where he is going. Tough to mark because of his speed, Aguero’s pace and control is almost unbeatable by any defender who gives him a challenge.

Sergio looks to be the right signing for Manchester City at the moment. But is it too soon to call him a rising star? That is undetermined. But if Aguero plays like he did in his debut for City, then he may be priceless.

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