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Samir Nasri | A Punt Worth Taking?

So it would appear Samir Nasri is on the verge of leaving Arsenal Football Club. Once adored by the gooners far and wide but now something of a hate figure amongst supporters, due to a change of heart (AKA greed) during contract talks.

Does it concern me that we are losing another first team player? Yes it does.

Does it makes us weaker? In the short term, yes but he is easily replaceable.

It has been a very topical point amongst Arsenal fans that we’ve only noticed Nasri’s lack of contribution to the side since his wages demands suddenly rocketed. That’s a naive viewpoint and it’s certainly not one backed up by the stats. If (as reported) Manchester City are going to pay us the grand sum of 25m for his services, then what can their fans expect?

Nasri’s Arsenal EPL Career

Minutes Played: 6680 (79 starts, 3 sub appearances)
Goals: 18
Shots: 159
Assists: 5
Pass completion: 87%

Given the expansive style of Arsenal’s play 18 goals and 5 assists is poor, baring in mind 4 of his assists came in the 09/10 season. David Silva managed 7 assists 10/11 season alone. Nasri does possess great close control and a very high pass completion percentage which can prove invaluable to any side but if City are expecting an attacking maverick then I’m afriad, you’ll be sadly disappointed. I’m assuming he’ll play on the opposite flank to the impressive Silva and he may not need to defend as much given City’s obsession with playing 2 defensive midfielders so that may help his production. Enough of City though, if Nasri doesn’t work out they can always loan him out for a couple of seasons and buy someone better.

Can Arsenal fans say that a contribution towards 23 goals in 3 seasons for Arsenal isn’t replaceable? Surely not. The popular replacements appear to be Eden Hazard and/or Juan Mata and I’m sure they wouldn’t have any problem in accomplishing Nasri’s achievements in an Arsenal shirt.

The simple fact is Nasri is replaceable. Our bigger problem is replacing the huge void previously filled by Cesc Fabregas.

I'm a 29 year old Arsenal season ticket holder from Gateshead. I believe Dennis Bergkamp is god and I wish we still played at Highbury. I blog on any ongoing issues at Arsenal, which I try to give a balanced view on.
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