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Most Creative Players So Far

Leighton Baines has led this category all season. How he was missed off of the player of the year shortlist is beyond us at EPLIndex.com.He’s already created 105 chances and it seems David Silva’s late surge to catch him may have been too late. Speaking of Silva he has the most impressive frequency of creating chances in the Top 5 creating chances every 24 minutes.

Steven Gerrard has the most assists out of the top 5 despite creating only 4 clear-cut chances. All of Luis Suarez’s chances created are from open-play whilst Baines creates the most from set-plays (60%). Santi Cazorla makes up the Top 5 and has a chance to move further up the list now that Suarez has been banned for 10 games.

Top Creativity 2012-13 so far

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