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Battle of the Top Scorers: Suarez, Sturridge, Toure and Aguero | Stats

Some of the football played this year by the top teams has been exhilarating to watch, with a lot of high-scoring games and dramatic encounters.

Battle of Top Scorers

It’ll come as no surprise that the four top scorers this season are from Manchester City and Liverpool. The two teams have been towards the top of the table all year, and have been demolishing a lot of the sides that have come up against them. It’s the type of free-flowing and fast football that the Premier League is known for, and both sides have got the key players to finish off the impressive moves. Although Chelsea are at the top of the table at the moment, the goals have been more spread out in their side compared to City and Liverpool. There have been explosive partnerships, as well as solo goals, and both are right up there to fight Chelsea for the Premier League title.

No prizes for guessing who the top two scorers are in the league this season, yes, Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have taken the world by storm, and are a major reason why Liverpool’s campaign has been successful so far. It has been said that Liverpool’s season to shine was expected to be next year, as Brendan Rodgers would then enter his third year in the job, but the SAS have been on fire.

Individually, Luis Suarez tops the scoring chart. So far, he’s miles ahead of the rest, with 28 goals in the Premier League alone. In terms of statistics, 67% of these were with his right foot, which already signals the compliments of the SAS partnership, as Sturridge has scored 63% of his with his left. In terms of being involved elsewhere on the pitch, Suarez has been known to get back and defend when necessary, but is also involved in a making a goal every 57 minutes. He even has the most assists in the league this year too, making him odds-on favourite for PFA player of the year.

Suarez’s partner in crime, Daniel Sturridge, has burst on to the scene since his arrival from Chelsea last year. Although many said that this was his last chance to make it at a top club, Sturridge saw it as an opportunity to advance in his career, settling in to a first 11 and getting the goals he’s always had in his locker. This season has been the best in terms of goals for the English striker, so far getting 22 goals, with 19 of these coming in the league. He has more of a presence in the air than Suarez, scoring 21% of the goals with his head. Perhaps even more impressively, neither of the SAS have scored any of their goals through penalties, proving that none of their goals have been set up on a plate for them.

Turning the focus to the third and fourth top scorers in the league, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero of Manchester City have been the two main sources of the goals for Pellegrini’s side. The former champions have been struggling in terms of fixture congestion, and so are behind in the title race, but have been free-scoring when they’ve been on the ball in the league.

Yaya Toure has scored 16 goals this season, only one above his teammate Sergio Aguero, and a lot of them have been impressive strikes. 87% of these goals have been scored with his right foot, with 31% being hit outside the box. However, unlike the Liverpool pair, Yaya Toure has also stepped up to take penalties for Manchester City – in fact, 31% of his goals this season have come from the spot. It shows the measure of a player when they can keep their cool under the pressure of penalties, especially when the goals mean so much in terms of the title race.

Sergio Aguero would have been a favourite to be top scorer at the beginning of the season, although there has been a few sets of injuries that have prevented him from gaining any momentum. He has scored 15 goals in the league so far, none of these coming from penalties, but only scoring one with his head. In terms of being involved in goals, statistically, Aguero has been involved in one every 60 minutes, which includes setting up and assists.

So who will win the battle of the top scorers and claim the golden boot at the end of the season? At the moment, it just looks like a battle of the SAS, but with the Manchester City pair not far behind, it all depends on who can stand up and be counted in the race to the finish.

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