How can Liverpool replace Luis Suarez and who with?

How can Liverpool replace Luis Suarez and who with?

In this article I will be focusing on the impact Luis Suarez’s move to Barcelona will have on Liverpool FC and how they will go about finding an adequate replacement for him. This season Liverpool will have to be a completely different team and I would like to go on record and say how hard I believe Liverpool will find this process. Suarez was, by far, Liverpool’s best player last season, so finding someone with his prowess and ability will be extremely difficult.


Liverpool will have to find another player who can, quite simply, score. Suarez in the league last season scored 31 goals in 33 games, which is a goal every 93 minutes of football. He missed 10 games at the start of last season and in this period Daniel Sturridge scored 11 goals. However, I will be looking further from Liverpool and at who they can bring in to the team, and not simply focus on the players they already have. Here are a few players, who for me, could be a replacement for Suarez, there may be a few the shock you however I want to open a debate into what you all think.


This guy was simply outstanding for Borussia Dortmund last season, he scores, he creates, he is quick, however, he is more of a winger. This signing for me would be a bit like a Sanchez signing for Arsenal. He is a winger that can be used down the middle. I did say though in the above passage that Liverpool will have to be different team this season and by that I meant in shape and tactics not just pass to Suarez and hope for the best. I think Marco Reus could play down the middle, behind the striker and as a winger, a winger primarily, but with Liverpool being a different team they could play 4-2-3-1, playing Sturridge as a one, and the 3 being Reus, Sterling and Lallana or a different combination. Marco Reus’ best attribute is his ability to closely control the ball with both feet in and around the box, just like Suarez could. In 62 games for BVB he has scored 30. That not being the most prolific when you compare it to Luis Suarez. In 2013 Marco Reus was ranked as the 4th best player in the world by Bloomberg.

Carlos Tevez

Yes, Carlos Tevez, although he is pushing quite an age now Tevez is still one of Europe’s top strikers. Since his move to Juventus from Manchester City he scored 19 goals in 31 games. Tevez is also a striker that can link up with another striker so playing along side, just in front of or just behind Daniel Sturridge should be a problem for him. He is a “Brendan Rodgers” sort of player in the fact he presses all the time, tries to win the ball back as soon as he loses it and he never gives less than 100%. I know his history of clubs probably means he would never join Liverpool, but like I said I would throw some strange ones at it.

Karim Benzema

Without a doubt one of the top European strikers over the past few seasons, he had a great world cup and I think he is the most natural replacement for Suarez in terms of goals. In 159 appearances for Real Madrid he scored 72 goals, and that is after a very poor opening season in the capital. He isn’t as quick or agile as Suarez but he certainly can find the back of the net. However, when you look at his style of play he isn’t a presser of the ball, he sometimes shrugs his shoulders if he loses the ball, so Brendan Rodgers would need to really work hard with him for something the two players previous to this have naturally. If though we are looking at goals alone he is one of the most prolific around.

Alfred Finnbogason

Last but not least, Alfred Finnbogason though he doesn’t play in any of Europe’s top league’s his goalscoring record is mighty, and although he isn’t well known, neither was Suarez before he came to Liverpool (if you didn’t follow Dutch football that is) and could be great in terms of value. His goalscoring, like i said before is something to be remarked on – in two seasons at Heerenveen he has played 62 games and scored 53 goals, an excellent ratio.

These are just a few players that could replace Suarez’s goalscoring record at Liverpool. I don’t think Liverpool will replace Suarez in terms of his all round play but any one of these could come into the team and change the dynamic of Liverpool. They will work well with Brendan Rodgers and he can force his imprint on the team.

So all, in all; lets watch this space!