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Norwich strikers | Morison v Holt

Perhaps the biggest selection issue for Norwich this season has been their dilemma up front. Last season’s top scorer Grant Holt has been far from assured a place in the team, largely eclipsed by summer signing Steve Morison. The two have started a game together just twice in eleven matches.

Holt’s inability to get in the team has surprised many, and is somewhat supported by the numbers (click image below to enlarge).

It’s still early days, but Holt has not only matched Morison’s goal tally this season, he’s done it by scoring important goals: equalisers against Liverpool, Chelsea and Blackburn.

He’s also shown a greater propensity to hit the target than his rival, a vital asset for a striker. Morison may be keener to get a shot away, but Holt is certainly the more accurate of the two. He’s also been better as creating chances for others, though perhaps a by-product of being a target man.

Holt’s ability in the final third is distinguished by his pass completion in this area, notably larger than Morison’s at 62% to 48%. If Norwich are to continue their entertaining ways, an ability to retain possession in the final third is crucial.

Not all the differences will be significant, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest Holt has deserved more than 53 minutes per game he’s had so far. He says he’s happy to sit on the bench as long as the team is winning, but he must surely feel he offers more than Morison.

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