‘Play With A Legend’ Launched: Play Football And Drink Beer With Your Football Legends.

‘Play With A Legend’ Launched: Play Football And Drink Beer With Your Football Legends.

You now have an opportunity to play football and drink beer with your favourite football legends with names such as Paul Merson, Teddy Sherringham, Perry Groves, Ray Parlour, Dion Dublin and Matt Le Tissier to name just a few.

Play With A Legend

Chillisauce.co.uk teamed up with former football player Perry Groves, known prominently as playing for Arsenal and Josh Landy, a sports journalist, to create an amazing football experience giving fans the opportunity to play football and go for a pint with their football heroes.

You get to choose from England’s most famous football names to play alongside, play at one of the best football stadiums in the country, 5, 7 or 11 a-side games are available, matches last between 30 and 90 minutes. After the game you can take a team photo and go for beers down the pub with the football legends.


Every part of the event is taken care of, including the legends, the venue, the referee and even the pub, so all participants need to do is turn up with their boots ready for a good day or night out. Packages start from £60 per person, with costs varying dependant on how many are in attendance, how many legends are booked and the venue with which the activity will take place.

Being a professional footballer was the best job in the world and those of us that did it feel lucky and privileged as we know it’s something millions of lads dream of doing for a living. I’ve always loved playing and I’m no different these days, so the opportunity to have a kick about with some fans and tell them stories over a few few beers is something I really enjoy. We’ve been hugely impressed by Chillisauce since starting to work with them and we’re glad to be working alongside such a great company. Perry Groves

Here is a video explaining more about the football experience; Click Here! Below you’ll find the list of players that you could play football with!