How Mourinho Could Improve Falcao At Chelsea

How Mourinho Could Improve Falcao At Chelsea

Radamel Falcao is poised to join Chelsea next season, despite the terrible performance at Manchester United last season by the striker. His loan period finished, and he has quit Manchester United. There were a lot of reports suggesting that Falcao wasn’t happy at Old Trafford. With Jose Mourinho ready to take him under his wing, will he improve at Stamford Bridge?


No doubt he is a massively talented player, but his capabilities have been dulled by injuries and a rather unsatisfactory season in the United camp. Chelsea have already faced similar situations before in the cases of Fernando Torres and Andriy Shevchenko. It might feel like a case of déjà vu, but we all are aware of how Mourinho loves challenges and maybe the Colombian striker is one talent he wants to bring back.

Chelsea seem to have a certain amount of confidence in the 29 year old and are pursuing the deal greatly. Mourinho would definitely want to alter Falcao’s stint at the EPL. Bringing a player like Falcao – who was once considered one of the best strikers of this generation – out of this rut will be quite a challenge, one that Mourinho would enjoy.

A medical test will judge if Falcao is fit enough and if he still has any issues with his health. A major part of restoring Falcao’s prowess would probably deal with helping him recover from the psychological wounds, such as the injuries, his inability to survive at Manchester United, and his inability to play in the World Cup.

It would be unfair to say that Falcao had no opportunities at Manchester United. The frustration was clearly writ on his face though, his inability to shine at what he used to be the best at. It was a big transition for him and maybe that was why he lacked the rhythm. Considering the fact that the Chelsea team set up resembles Atletico – the club he was the best in – might help him adjust better with the Blues.

Falcao’s international team mate Cuadrado joined Chelsea in January, and the Colombian coach has expressed that he thinks the two players will help each other out and work brilliantly together to help Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho has always been known to admire Falcao and recently, he went on to say that the “real” Falcao is not the one we all saw at Manchester United, which is true undoubtedly.

Falcao was signed by French club Monaco for 50 million euros, having scored 70 goals in two astounding seasons with Atletico Madrid. Before arriving in the Spanish club in 2011, he scored 72 goals in two seasons for Portuguese side FC Porto after joining them from Argentine club River Plate in 2009. He played with Chelsea striker Diego Costa at Atletico and lined up alongside the Spain international as Real Madrid were beaten 2-1 in the 2013 Copa del Rey Final.

Falcao used to be one of the most feared strikers and maybe Mourinho will help him get to that stage again. Mourinho is not known to be a failure, but in case he is unable to get Falcao back to where he used to be, it will prove to be really dangerous as far as the Colombian’s career is concerned. If anybody can do it, it is Mourinho, and here’s to hoping that he has a better season at Chelsea than he did at Manchester United.