Should Chelsea build team around Willian?

Should Chelsea build team around Willian?

Chelsea are at a crossroads with 2016 being key in determining the club’s future. They are need to change a lot of personnel in the squad with the current players not having the right mentality to become a force in European football. Many expected Chelsea to dominate English football for the next few years after their title win last season, but they have had a disastrous start to the season and the players need to take their share of the blame. They look to lack a belief in themselves and some players such as Eden Hazard and Diego Costa have appeared to give up on matches, while not putting in complete effort, which is a concern.


The standout player for the Blues this season is Willian, who has been the main reason for the club getting through the Champions League group stages. He has been a consistent threat for opponents, and continues to score vital goals. Last season, he went under the radar, with Costa, Cesc Fabregas and Hazard getting the plaudits, but it’s been clear to everyone this season that the Brazilian has a long term future at the club. After a disappointing season and Champions League looking extremely unlikely, the club may be concerned about a club coming in for Willian, which would be awful news for Chelsea.

He is a dynamic attacker, who likes to dribble with the ball and has the ability to weave in and out of challenges with his pace and agility. The Brazilian is also a hard worker defensively, which is why he became a key part of Jose Mourinho’s side ahead of Pedro and Juan Cuadrado. Many expected Willian to be dropped when these two players joined the club, but he managed to retain his place and his emergence as the club’s best player vindicates that decision.

This season he has managed to score twice and get three assists in the league, which is more than Hazard, Pedro, Oscar and Fabregas. It may not seem that impressive, but in a struggling Chelsea side, Willian has shone brightly and his reputation has certainly increased. He also managed an incredible five goals in the Champions League group stages, with the majority coming from free kicks in highly pressured situations. This highlighted that he has the right mentality and if the rest of the Chelsea players shared this, they would be doing a lot better in all competitions.

Chelsea fans haven’t had much to be excited about this season, but the form of Willian has been one of them. Chelsea need to make huge changes to their squad over the next 12 months and the Brazilian needs to be made the focal point of the attacking midfield over Oscar and Hazard, who might both be sold. Willian has the right character and has a positive effect on his team-mates and he is consistent, which the other two aren’t at the moment. He is at the peak of his career and could play a significant role in the Chelsea revival as long as he is given a major role in the side.