The Premier League Should Use VAR On Goalkeepers During Penalties

The Premier League Should Use VAR On Goalkeepers During Penalties

With VAR (Video Assistant Referees) set to be launched in the Premier League during the 2019/2020 season, Pierluigi Collina believes it should be used on goalkeepers during penalties. The FIFA referees’ chief wants VAR to be used in checking whether the keeper’s feet are off the line while penalties are being taken.

Collina’s statement comes only days after the PGMOL (Professional Gaming Match Officials Limited) turned down the intervention of VAR for penalties. The PGMOL believes that this will help to avoid unnecessary retakes as seen during the Women’s World Cup competitions in France. Several penalties had to be repeated as it was revealed that the goalkeepers stepped off the goal line during a spot-kick.

PGMOL believes that officials on the field should be the ones to oversee the decision of whether a goalkeeper has stepped off the line or not. These officials are hoping to avoid a situation where every single penalty could be subject to review, checking the goalkeeper’s position. That could result in a huge delay during the match as seen in France during the Women’s World Cup.

While there’s a huge desire by Betway fans and other football enthusiasts to allow field officials to handle the issue, the league remains couscous of international laws. On Wednesday, Pierluigi also added that the written laws must be enforced at all costs in all the countries and competitions under the FIFA association.

The IFAB (International Football Association Board) introduced a new rule for goalkeepers to have at least one foot on the goal line during penalty takes. The rule was introduced right before the debut of the Women’s World Cup tournament to try and address the problem of goalkeeper encroachment during penalties. However, football fans who enjoy secure EPL betting with Betway can expect to be affected if VAR will be used for a penalty takes next season.

For instance, the use of VAR on penalties largely contributed to Scotland’s exit from the World Cup tournament. Following a VAR review, Scotland’s keeper Lee Alexander was found to have been off the line before saving an injury-time penalty taken by Argentina’s Florencia Bonsegundo. That resulted in a retake, which resulted in an equalizer score, making it 3-3 to eliminate the scouts after having led the match with a 3-0 scoreline.

Following media briefings released over a week ago, it was clear that the Premier League didn’t intend to use the VAR technology with the new penalties rule. However, the league still believes that referees need to take advice on various breach issues. The league is also aware that fans want the game’s momentum and pace to be maintained as much as possible.

The PGMOL say the whole VAR issue is an ongoing process that will continue reviewed during the season. Nonetheless, fans can expect to see this technology being used in all 20 premier league pitches to help in four main areas – goals, straight red cards, mistaken identity and penalties. That will contribute to changes in the fans’ viewing experience.