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Can Arsenal Lure Gundogan with a Long-Term Contract?

Arsenal’s Pursuit of Man City’s Ilkay Gundogan: A Game of Contracts

A Favourable Deal: The Linchpin of Gundogan’s Future

Ilkay Gundogan’s anticipated move to Arsenal hinges on one key factor – the nature of the contract Arsenal is willing to offer him. It’s no secret that the Manchester City maestro’s talent has attracted attention far and wide. But as FootballTransfers can reveal exclusively, the terms of the deal could decide where Gundogan plays next.

Valued at a sturdy €20 million Expected Transfer Value (xTV), Gundogan’s contract with Manchester City runs dry come end of June. The German maestro, a pivotal part of City’s Premier League title campaign, could potentially don the Gunners’ kit as of 1 July. Yet, Manchester City, unsurprisingly, is hell-bent on holding onto their star player.

Barcelona’s Interest Fades, Arsenal’s Hopes Rise?

Rumours of Barcelona’s interest in Gundogan have ebbed in recent weeks, thereby fuelling speculation that Arsenal could be the frontrunners for the 32-year-old German international. Sources suggest that while the odds may not be in Arsenal’s favour, landing Gundogan is not an impossibility.

A Stand-off in the Blue Half of Manchester?

Despite Gundogan’s desire to continue with Pep Guardiola’s men, discontent brews over the contractual terms proposed by City. Gundogan, understandably, seeks a contract that will secure his long-term future, but City seems reticent to provide such guarantees.

FootballTransfers’ sources reveal that Gundogan is gunning for a three-year contract, ensuring his future till he turns 35. Manchester City, on the other hand, seem to favour a more conservative approach, ready to offer a one-year contract with an additional year as an option.

A Chance for Arteta’s Arsenal?

Gundogan’s quest for a secure future leaves an opening for Arsenal, a glimmer of hope that if a longer deal, featuring similar wages, is put on the table by Mikel Arteta’s side, Gundogan might entertain the prospect.

Arteta, understanding the nuances of the situation, knows that nothing less than a two-year deal will pique Gundogan’s interest.

Can Arsenal Break with Tradition?

Arsenal’s conventional approach to contracts has traditionally been a cautious one, especially with players on the north side of 30. Recent lessons learnt from the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang situation seem to underscore this cautiousness.

Take Jorginho’s case, for instance, who signed an 18-month contract with a one-year option on his arrival from Chelsea in the January transfer window.

However, if Arsenal wishes to make a solid play for Gundogan, a player who still cherishes his time at Man City, they might have to break away from their self-imposed contractual norms.

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