Will Chelsea Choose €100m Felix or €30m Olmo This Summer?


Chelsea’s Transfer Targets: Joao Felix and Dani Olmo

Joao Felix: A Hefty Price Tag for the Chelsea Ace

This summer transfer window might see Joao Felix, Chelsea’s Portuguese prodigy, up for grabs. However, acquiring the Atletico Madrid forward won’t come cheap – the rumoured asking price could potentially soar upwards of €100 million. Despite a dependable, albeit not extraordinary, performance since his January switch to Stamford Bridge on loan, the financial implications are monumental.

Felix’s recent declaration of intent to extend his stay at Chelsea raises questions about the final transfer fee. The Madrid side will certainly strive to reclaim as much of their initial €126 million investment as possible.

Chelsea’s ability to make grand purchases has been strained due to the Financial Fair Play regulations. Following a €600 million expenditure this season, the club has found itself in a precarious situation. The current one in, one out policy, a result of an overflowing squad, necessitates the exploration of more affordable alternatives. This is where RB Leipzig’s Dani Olmo enters the picture.

Dani Olmo: A Prudent Alternative for Chelsea?

Dani Olmo, the star of RB Leipzig, is increasingly being viewed as a potential solution. The 25-year-old Spanish footballer, currently in the final year of his contract, has allegedly expressed dissatisfaction with Leipzig’s inability to make a strong stand in the Bundesliga and European competitions.

Further, the latest contract offer from the Red Bulls is said to have fallen short of Olmo’s expectations. Consequently, RB Leipzig might be forced to monetise their asset sooner rather than later, presenting a golden opportunity for Chelsea.

The €30m Bargain: Dani Olmo

Renowned German publication BILD anticipates Olmo’s valuation to not exceed €30 million. This estimate makes him an attractive prospect, particularly when compared to Felix’s hefty price tag.

While their styles of play diverge significantly – with Olmo’s playmaking abilities pitted against Felix’s more attacking approach – the Spaniard surpasses Felix in terms of this season’s output. Olmo has been instrumental in 14 goals in just 29 games, while Felix managed eight goals and three assists across 38 games. The cost-effective acquisition of Olmo could potentially be a wise move for Chelsea.


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