Ronaldo’s Saudi U-Turn: Is Al Nassr’s Record Deal Falling Apart?

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Cristiano Ronaldo Ponders Al Nassr Exit

Reported by Mundo Deportivo, Cristiano Ronaldo’s stint at Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia appears to be hitting turbulent times. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar could be on the verge of seeking greener pastures, despite having been at the Saudi club for less than five months.

The Record Contract That’s Losing Its Shine

Ronaldo landed at Al Nassr with a historic two-and-a-half-year contract, earning an unprecedented €200 million per season. However, his experiences on and off the pitch have seemingly doused his enthusiasm for his Saudi Arabian adventure.

Reality Bites

Ronaldo’s entourage has begun to publicly express dissatisfaction with the current situation. The star has reportedly grown increasingly aware of the stark differences between his new base and the modern, high-octane environments of his previous clubs. Whether it’s a return to Europe or exploring other markets, there are suggestions that Ronaldo may be on the move once more.

The Portuguese sensation’s performances have not dipped since his arrival in Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo has played seventeen games, with fourteen in the League, two in the Saudi King’s Cup, and one in the Super Cup. Over 1400 minutes of play have seen him notch thirteen goals.

Exiting Won’t Be Simple

Ronaldo’s departure, should it materialise, won’t be an easy process. According to FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, Article 17, a player who terminates a contract without just cause is obligated to compensate the club. The compensation amount would be calculated based on the national legislation, the sport’s characteristics, and other objective criteria.

The objective criteria could include the “remuneration and other benefits owed to the player under the existing contract or the new contract, the remaining contractual time, up to a maximum of five years, fees and expenses paid by the previous club (amortised over the contract’s duration), as well as the issue of whether the contract termination occurs during a protected period.”

Moreover, if Ronaldo chooses to terminate the contract during the protected period – in his case, two years from the contract’s start due to his age, currently 37 – he could face a ban of four months from any official matches. It’s worth noting that Ronaldo faced no such sanction upon his departure from Manchester United due to an agreement with the English club.


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