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Goldbridge: Chelsea Throw Wrench in Man United Transfer Plan

Manchester United’s Pursuit of Chelsea’s Mason Mount: The Goldbridge Take

Manchester United’s transfer interests have always been the talk of the town. This time, it’s Chelsea’s prodigious midfielder, Mason Mount, who’s grabbed the headlines. Despite some recent reports suggesting the deal is almost done, we delve deeper into the story, analysing what’s really going on behind the scenes.

To add further fuel to the flames, The Telegraph has reported that Mount has agreed personal terms on a contract with the Old Trafford club. Only for ESPN to later  claim reluctance from Manchester United over the high fee Chelsea are demanding for their England midfielder.

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Mount’s Desire to Shift Base

“Two very good sources close to Chelsea have said that Mason Mount wants to come to Manchester United,” claims Mark Goldbridge from The United Stand podcast. This mirrors the sentiment of the rumour mill, which suggests that Mason Mount is keen on a move to Old Trafford.

However, as Goldbridge aptly puts it, “what’s true is that Mason Mount would like to join Manchester United and he wants to leave Chelsea, but Chelsea want to keep him and they hold the cards.”

The Transfer Tangle

Despite Mount’s potential desire to join United, a successful transfer is far from a given. It’s important to consider the negotiations and the obstacles that must be overcome for the deal to materialise. It’s not simply a case of personal terms being agreed, as some sources have suggested.

Goldbridge states, “That personal terms story isn’t true. Mason Mount hasn’t agreed personal terms with Manchester United.” This miscommunication highlights the confusion often associated with transfer stories.

The Power Chelsea Wields

In the words of Goldbridge, “Chelsea are in control.” With a player as vital as Mount, it makes sense for Chelsea to hold all the cards. Even though there might be a desire for the player to move, “Chelsea want to keep Mount and are saying, ‘you better pay us £80 million because he ain’t going anywhere.'” This might pose a significant challenge for United, who Goldbridge suggests aren’t keen on paying more than £50 million.

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United’s Transfer Track Record

United have a history of complex transfer negotiations. Goldbridge mentions past signings such as Harry Maguire from Leicester, Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace, and Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon to emphasise this point.

He states, “We’ve been in this situation with these negotiators for years… Let’s just say this, we’ve gone way too far ahead of what’s actually happening here.” This observation might hint that we should prepare for a lengthy negotiation process for Mount.

Conclusion: A Waiting Game

As things stand, the situation seems fluid, and a lot would depend on how urgently Chelsea need funds and how badly Manchester United want Mount. One thing’s clear though, according to Goldbridge, “In this case, I’m confused.”

As observers and football enthusiasts, all we can do is sit tight and watch how this intriguing transfer saga unfolds. What’s certain is that Mason Mount’s potential move to Manchester United would not only be a significant addition to United’s midfield but would also add another fascinating chapter to the Chelsea-Manchester United rivalry.

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  1. Personally I am confused, how can any club come to an agreement on personal terms if his club haven’t agreed to sell? The whole transfer system has gone wierd. In the old days, you approached a club, then if they give you permission you talk to the player while the fee is being negotiated. Now it seems you approach the player then the club. It mad.


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