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Problems logging in to EPLIndex?

We sincerely apologise if you’ve been having problems logging into EPLIndex.com over the last couple of days. To make the site safer we’ve made some database changes.

Please clear your browser cache and clear browsing data to be able to use the site without any issues. Your browser is still connecting to our old settings and therefore you’re having problems logging in. Please do clear your cache and browsing data on all of the browsers you use for the site and you should have no problems logging in and viewing the stats.

If you ever receive a hacking message when logging in it is because you have entered your password incorrectly on multiple occasions. Once again please clear your browser data and then re-set your password by using the forgotten password link (never copy & paste the password, always type it in). Once you try to log in with your new password you should have no problems.

The reason we have extra protection on the site is because we were hacked back in October which caused the site to go down for a few days. To ensure that our service is online and accessible to you all we must have these security measures in place.

Apologies for any inconvenience.



Founder / Owner of EPLIndex.com
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