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Which Side Has The Best 12th Man? Vote!

Using the comments section below, please nominate a Premier League player from any squad to be included in our ‘Top 12th Man’ article which will be up later this week. The rules for the nomination are simple, though they’re not hard and fast:

  • Player nominated must be from the current squad, and;
  • Player must NOT have been included in the starting XI for more than 12 of the 22 matches to date.

That’s it. No other rules. If you think it’s Paul Scholes for Manchester United after just two matches, give him a nom in the comments. Edin Dzeko and his goal scoring? Royston Drenthe and his flexibility? Aaron Lennon? Chicharito? We’ll take all nominations in the comments, as well as conducting a full statistical review of all eligible players and work out the top 12th man nominations for each squad as well as the best 12th man in the Premier League. This article will be written later in the week after you’ve all nominated a player.

For example, Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool have many viable candidates – Andy Carroll (12 starts), Jamie Carragher (908′ played) or Maxi (though he comes in slightly short of minutes with 397′).  However, our nomination for Liverpool through 22 matches is Craig Bellamy. Aside from the timely goals in the Carling Cup, Bellmay has contributed 5 EPL goals, with a brace against Newcastle in a 3-1 win and another in the 2-0 win at Villa Park.

That’s it. Nothing else to it – just vote below by nominating a player for top 12th man in the comments. Keep your attention on the individual team sections as we write up the top options at each club and make the determination of the best off the bench in the Prem.

Cooper is the founder of FantasyGaffer.com - All the Info You Need to Win Your Fantasy EPL League. He also contributes to Backpage Football. Follow him on Twitter @FantasyGaffer.
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