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Man Utd’s Future: Sir Jim Ratcliffe Dismisses Rival’s Success

Battle for Ownership Continues

In defiance of reports arising from Qatar, industrialist Sir Jim Ratcliffe has asserted that his quest for Manchester United is far from over. He rebuffed allegations that Sheikh Jassim has clinched the crown in the competition for the venerated football institution.

Long-drawn-out takeover negotiations have stirred a tempest of agitation among the Red Devil faithful. They eagerly anticipate whether the Glazer family would finally sign the ownership away and, if they do, the decisive battle between Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim looms to identify the next custodian.

Qatari Claims Contradicted

Claims fluttered from Qatar, suggesting that despite Sheikh Jassim’s proposal pricing the club lower than Ratcliffe’s, his proposition of a comprehensive buy-out has achieved victory. Ratcliffe, however, has now emerged to refute these allegations.

“There is still a process, we are in the process,” Ratcliffe emphasised during a recent book launch, bolstering his assertive stance. “We have a good offer. We have met the Glazers a couple of times and had a good conversation but at the end of the day it’s their decision.”

A Bid Beyond Monetary Gains

Elucidating his motivations, Ratcliffe made it clear that his interest in the club isn’t rooted in a desire for monetary profit, but he acknowledged the financial upside of being associated with an institution like Manchester United.

“They ain’t making them any more, Manchester United and these type of clubs,” he opined, suggesting the rarity of such esteemed entities. “It’s like art or areas like that when you have special things and their value continues to pick up over time because they are very special and rare.”

Ratcliffe continued, “I don’t like throwing money away or losing money. It doesn’t make me happy at all but we aren’t there to make money out of it. If it’s a really good asset it will increase its value over time.”

Keeping Tradition Alive

Addressing the sentiments that envelop the hallowed grounds of Old Trafford, Ratcliffe also confirmed that a name change isn’t on his agenda if he wins the bid: “God no. That would be heresy.”

As the Man Utd takeover saga continues, it’s clear that Ratcliffe is not going down without a fight. While the decision ultimately lies with the Glazers, the tale of Manchester United’s future ownership is still in the writing.

This evolving story is currently being closely reported by 90Min.

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