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The Chelsea Star’s England Omission: Ferdinand Weighs In

Sterling’s Chelsea Spark: Is It Enough for England?

As the drama unfolds on the international stage, Raheem Sterling, Chelsea’s luminous star, finds himself grappling with familiar challenges. Twice sidelined for the showdowns against Ukraine and Scotland, Sterling is facing a chapter of introspection in his England journey.

The Omission and the Aftermath

The Chelsea ace experienced his recent omission from Gareth Southgate’s side, a side preparing to clash with Ukraine and Scotland. Even as misfortune struck with Jack Grealish withdrawing due to injury, Southgate did not dial Sterling’s number. The undercurrents suggest that Sterling, having expressed his initial disappointment, was not banking on a last-minute inclusion, post Grealish’s exit.

What’s notable, though, is Sterling’s resilience. Believing his early-season displays for Chelsea were more than justifying for an international nod, he accepts Southgate’s decision. His ambition? To train harder, shine brighter, and make his way back to the England fold.

An England Journey Punctuated with Challenges

Sterling’s path with the Three Lions hasn’t been without its tribulations. From bowing out of contention due to form and fitness issues after the World Cup to the haunting memories of being jeered by a fraction of England supporters in Euro 2016, Sterling has faced them all. Yet, he’s constantly risen, dispelling the shadows of the past, affirming his place, and proving his mettle.

Rio Ferdinand Weighs In

The saga has evoked reactions from notable figures in the football community. Former England stalwart, Rio Ferdinand, shared his candid views on his ‘Vibe with Five’ podcast. The essence? An indictment of Southgate’s decisions.

“If I was Sterling, I’d be very disappointed bearing in mind what he’s done for this England team when he’s been in or around it,” Ferdinand stated.

Drawing comparisons with other England stars, he added, “If you’re going by the yardstick that Gareth’s using with the likes of Maguire and Phillips, why is it all right for them guys to get in and not him?”

Ferdinand further elaborated, emphasizing Sterling’s radiant form: “Sterling’s probably been the main bright spark at Chelsea. It’s just nuts. I’d retire.”

His passionate outburst also encompassed James Ward-Prowse, hinting at the deep-seated frustration and the yearning for acknowledgment of dedication to the sport.

As reported by The Telegraph, Sterling’s England story continues to evolve, with every challenge, omission, and hopeful resurgence.

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