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National Team Awaits: Arsenal Star’s Commitment Shines

Jorginho’s Arsenal Allegiance: A Premier Passion

Eyes on the Premier Prize

In the swirling vortex of football rumours, certain clarities emerge. The midfielder maestro, Jorginho, remains unwavering in his dedication to Arsenal, the Premier League, and the illustrious Champions League. His heart clearly beats in tune with the Gunners, as Joao Santos, Jorginho’s representative, was keen to emphasise. “Jorginho is focused on Arsenal, therefore on the Premier League championship and the Champions League. He won’t go to Fenerbahce.” Reveal Tutto Mercato.

National Team Absence: A Matter of Time?

Change is inevitable in the world of football, and with it, surprising decisions. Spalletti’s recent arrival on the national team scene led to raised eyebrows regarding Jorginho’s absence. However, patience appears to be the watchword. Santos added, “The coach arrived recently, he makes his choices and that’s right. It’s a question of time, because Jorginho is fundamental for the national team.”

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