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Goldbridge Drops Major Hint About Anthony’s Future

Manchester United’s Anthony Takes a Leave

In a recent update from Mark Goldbridge, the renowned Manchester United commentator, Anthony, the club’s winger, has confirmed his decision to take a leave of absence. This decision comes in light of allegations made against him, which he vehemently denies.

Anthony’s Statement

Anthony stated, “I have agreed with Manchester United to take a period of absence while I address the allegations made against me. I want to reiterate my innocence of the things I’ve been accused of and I will fully cooperate with the police.”

Manchester United’s Response

Manchester United, in their official statement, acknowledged the allegations against Anthony. The club mentioned, “Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Anthony… it’s been agreed with Anthony that he will delay his return until further notice in order to address the allegations.”

The club further emphasized their stance against acts of violence and abuse, recognizing the importance of safeguarding all involved.

Goldbridge’s Take

Goldbridge, known for his candid views, expressed that he wasn’t surprised by this development. He highlighted the ambiguity in the statements from both Anthony and the club, suggesting that the wording was cleverly chosen. The question remains: who initiated the decision for Anthony’s leave?

Goldbridge also touched upon the potential impact of this decision on Manchester United’s season. He mentioned, “From a footballing point of view, it’s obviously very disappointing that the squad that’s not great at the moment is now weaker.” He compared the situation to a player being injured for several weeks, though he acknowledged the gravity of the allegations against Anthony.

The Broader Picture

While the focus remains on the allegations, Goldbridge also brought attention to the duty of care that Manchester United has towards Anthony. He emphasized the importance of supporting the player during these challenging times, just as they would for any other employee.

Goldbridge concluded by stating that he believes the decision for Anthony to take a leave of absence is the right move, both for the player and the club. He said, “I think it’s the right move. It’s just obviously damaging for our season.”

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