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Carabao Cup Third Round: Predictions & Key Clashes

The Carabao Cup: Third Round Theatrics & Predictions

The Carabao Cup draws back the curtains this week, beckoning European teams to share the stage with the valiant second-round victors from August.

Manchester United – The Holders

From Drama to Dreams Reigning champions, Manchester United, deftly sidestepped recent troubles, clinching victory over Burnley. Now, the spotlight shifts to their rapid double-encounter against Crystal Palace.

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Highlight of the Round

Manchester City’s Northern Adventure With four Carabao Cup accolades tucked under Guardiola’s era, Manchester City sets its compass north towards Newcastle. The latter, in a show of might, thundered a statement 8-0 win over Sheffield United.

With anticipated squad rotations and the allure of goals across the isles, let’s delve into how the third round might unravel.

Tuesday’s Cup Chronicles

Five Premier League behemoths march across the nation’s pitches. The Manchester United-Crystal Palace duel stands out, painted as the lone Premier League encounter. Though the Eagles have lately been subdued, a wobbly United under Erik ten Hag could be the window they’ve been waiting for.

Still, whispers around Old Trafford back the Red Devils for progression, reminiscent of their early triumphs with the Dutchman.

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Predictions and Fixtures for Tuesday:

Time (BST) Fixture Prediction
19:45 Exeter vs Luton 0-2
19:45 Ipswich vs Wolves 2-2
19:45 Port Vale vs Sutton United 3-1
19:45 Bradford vs Middlesbrough 1-3
19:45 Salford City vs Burnley 0-4
19:45 Mansfield vs Peterborough 1-1
20:00 Manchester United vs Crystal Palace 3-1

Wednesday’s Third-Round Rendezvous

Wednesday hails the remaining Premier League contenders. Aston Villa, despite their European escapades, looks dominant against Everton. West Ham, after recent stumbles against elite opposition, aims for redemption at Lincoln.

Liverpool’s intensity in the tournament will unveil against Leicester. The memories of their 2021/22 trophy might spur the Anfield spirits.


Predictions and Fixtures for Wednesday:

Time (BST) Fixture Prediction
19:45 Aston Villa vs Everton 3-0
19:45 Lincoln City vs West Ham 0-4
19:45 Fulham vs Norwich 2-1
19:45 Blackburn vs Cardiff 2-1
19:45 Liverpool vs Leicester 3-1
19:45 Bournemouth vs Stoke 2-0
19:45 Brentford vs Arsenal 1-4
19:45 Chelsea vs Brighton 0-1
20:00 Newcastle vs Manchester City 2-3

The Drama Continues Bournemouth seek rejuvenation against Stoke, while Brentford might challenge an inconsistent Arsenal. Chelsea, under Pochettino, battles the ascending Seagulls from Brighton.

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Culminating the round is the epic clash between Newcastle and Manchester City. Newcastle, fresh from their finals journey last season, might spy an opportunity, especially if Guardiola shuffles his deck.

In summation, the Carabao Cup third round promises fervour, flair, and football fables. As with every prediction, reality remains the final referee in this beautiful game.

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