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Euros 2028: UK and Ireland Set to Take the Spotlight

The Euros Turn Their Eyes to UK & Ireland

It seems the football winds are breezing favourably for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. In a surprising twist, their path to host the Euros in 2028 has been cleared after Turkey’s strategic pivot towards a joint venture with Italy for the Euro 2032 as per the BBC.

A Singular Focus for the Isles

The mosaic of stadiums from Dublin’s Aviva to London’s iconic Wembley presents a vibrant pitch for Euro 2028. With Turkey stepping back to consolidate their Euro 2032 bid alongside Italy, the UK and Ireland are poised to offer a historic tournament.

“The presentations at that meeting will be an important part of the process which will take due consideration of the content of the bid submissions before reaching a decision,” stated Uefa.

Turkey’s Past and Future Endeavours

Although Istanbul recently played host to the Champions League final at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, it’s intriguing that a grand tournament such as the Euros has never witnessed the crescent moonlit nights of Turkey. The current bid, though now set for 2032 and shared with Italy, could change that narrative.

As for Italy, memories of the Euros linger from 1968 and 1980, with Rome’s Stadio Olimpico rekindling that spirit during Euro 2020.

Where the Magic Might Unfold

April saw a selection of ten stadiums earmarked for the UK and Republic of Ireland’s bid. The list reads like a dream for football romantics: Glasgow’s Hampden Park, Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, and of course, Wembley.

Notably, there are two gems still in the blueprint stages: Belfast’s Casement Park and Everton’s future crown, the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium. These fresh arenas may just add that new age charm to the old-world football fervour of the Isles.

It’s worth mentioning, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are on the cusp of hosting their first major tournament, adding an extra layer of anticipation.

Meanwhile, England, with its rich history, having been one of the 11 countries to host Euro 2020, alongside Scotland, and the memories of the 1966 World Cup and Euro 96, is no stranger to such grand stages.

The Line-up of Prospective Stages

  1. London’s Pride: Wembley Stadium (90,652)
  2. The Welsh Wonder: Principality Stadium, Cardiff (73,952)
  3. Modern Majesty: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London (62,322)
  4. Mancunian Coliseum: Etihad Stadium, Manchester (61,000)
  5. Mersey’s Future Jewel: Everton Stadium, Liverpool (52,679)
  6. Toon’s Fortress: St James’ Park, Newcastle (52,305)
  7. Midland’s Legacy: Villa Park, Birmingham (52,190)
  8. Scottish Heartbeat: Hampden Park, Glasgow (52,032)
  9. Dublin’s Delight: Aviva Stadium (51,711)
  10. Belfast’s Dream: Casement Park (34,500)
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