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Mark Bullingham’s Fresh Angle on the VAR Debate

The VAR Evolution: A Dance Between Precision and Pace

Footballing narratives don’t just reside in the goals scored or the dazzling tricks displayed. At times, they unfold in the contested space between an on-field referee, a VAR booth, and the electrifying atmosphere of a stadium in uproar. Luis Diaz’s goal at Tottenham, controversially disallowed, is the recent chapter in the book of VAR’s contentious journey.

Amid the glitz and glamour of primetime football, Liverpool’s potential opener was left in the lurch. The Premier League game was poised for drama, especially when VAR Darren England, as PGMOL chief Howard Webb remarked, “lost sight of what the on-field decision was” in his rapid reviewing. The ramifications? Spurs dancing to victory and finding themselves at the Premier League zenith just as the international break loomed.

Inside the FA’s Thought Chamber

Twickenham Stadium, during Leaders Week, played host to a myriad of football conversations, and at its epicentre stood Mark Bullingham, the FA CEO. Dispelling the outcry to eliminate VAR from the beautiful game, he hinted at a much-needed refinement.

He mused, “Yes, we’ve had conversations like that. It’s also a conversation about how much you let the fan in.” Bullingham’s vision? A landscape where the barriers melt, allowing fans an ear into the VAR-referee dialogues.

While he acknowledges the linguistic challenges, especially in international settings, and the risks of misinterpretations, he remains hopeful. A direction that inches towards a reality where VAR discussions are broadcast, adding a layer of clarity for the supporters. After all, FIFA too, as Bullingham reveals, is charting this course, promising a greater fan-centric future.

The Dual Quest: Speed and Accuracy

But the VAR conundrum isn’t just about clarity. It’s also a pulsating debate of velocity versus precision.

Semi-automated offsides have captured Bullingham’s interest, and he’s optimistic about their entry into the upper echelons of English football. Why? The potential to amplify the matchday vibe for fans by minimising those excruciatingly long pauses. He elucidates, “You are seeing technological innovations in terms of semi-autonomous offside and that could eventually go autonomous. That would mean very accurate decisions very, very quickly.”

Yet, the other side of the coin reveals a challenge. With technology in play, there’s a lure to refer almost every on-field decision to VAR, ensuring impeccable accuracy. But Bullingham feels it’s a siren’s call. He astutely points out, “I don’t think that’s right. I think it really breaks the flow of the game too much.” The balance? Use VAR judiciously, preserving the sanctity and rhythm of the sport we adore.

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