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Report: Could Old Trafford Welcome Back a Familiar Face?

De Gea: A Whisper of a Return to Old Trafford?

David de Gea’s exit from the Manchester United grounds, after a 12-year bond with the club, wasn’t a sudden shock but a slow burn. Long-standing talks about the Spaniard’s extension were underway, but the sands of time had seemingly run out on his status as the undisputed first choice.

Glimmers of dissatisfaction, from doubts about his ball distribution to some talked-about lapses in games, meant the rumour mills were buzzing. Did Erik ten Hag have someone else in mind? Andre Onana’s transfer from Inter to Manchester seemed to confirm these whispers.

Onana’s Old Trafford Odyssey

While Onana’s entry into the Theatre of Dreams hasn’t been without stumbles (those unforgettable moments against Bayern Munich and Galatasaray come to mind), there’s hope yet. That last-minute penalty save against Copenhagen has given fans a reason to hold their breath. However, with the looming Africa Cup of Nations and Onana’s flip-flopping on his international retirement, there might be a void to fill soon. The post-Christmas fixtures could pose a significant challenge.

The De Gea Enigma

In a twist that seems almost written for the drama of football, chatter is now linking De Gea, who left the club just months ago and remains unattached, back to Old Trafford. Though he’s brushed off the Middle East’s beckoning and aims to stay in Europe, would the siren call of Manchester pull him back? A social media hint, an emoji of surprise, keeps everyone guessing. And yet, those recent sightings in Manchester, including that casual coffee rendezvous with Bruno Fernandes and co., just fuels the fire.

However, if insiders are to be believed – and we hear it from 90Min – Old Trafford might have already found their solution in Turkey’s Altay Bayindir, the prior first choice for Fenerbahce.

The Heart of the Matter: Why De Gea Left

In an emotional message, De Gea bared his soul about his time at United. Sir Alex Ferguson’s vision that brought the young Madrid boy into the fold, the pride every time that jersey went on, and the deep-rooted connection with fans. But beneath the emotions were more pragmatic reasons. A potential wage cut, Ten Hag’s vision of a more flexible goalkeeper, and perhaps, a quest for something new.

While Onana might fit the mould of Ten Hag’s vision with his ‘sweeper keeper’ role, honed at Ajax and Inter, De Gea’s brilliance has always been in those near-impossible saves.

The decision to part seemed apt, but with the ink still not dry at Real Madrid or elsewhere, one can’t help but wonder: What’s next for De Gea?

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