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Report: West Ham Joint-Chair Contemplates Share Sell-Off

West Ham’s Ownership Evolution: Vanessa Gold’s Potential Stake Sale

Vanessa Gold Open to Selling West Ham Shares

Vanessa Gold, currently a joint-chair at West Ham, has made a significant announcement regarding the ownership structure of the Premier League club. According to BBC Sport, she is contemplating selling a portion of her family’s 25% stake in West Ham. This development comes in the wake of the passing of her father, David Gold, who initially held these shares, and her sister Jacqueline.

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Legacy of Involvement and Future Plans

The Gold family’s association with West Ham dates back to 1991 when David Gold first became a shareholder. He later ascended to the position of co-owner and joint chairman in 2010. Vanessa, stepping into a leadership role following family bereavements, expressed her openness to a partial stake sale. “I would consider selling a proportion of our shares to the right partner,” Vanessa Gold stated, emphasising the importance of her father’s legacy and the club’s welfare in any potential deal.

Strategic Advising and Shareholder Relations

Vanessa Gold has engaged Rothschild & Co to advise on the potential transaction, underscoring the strategic nature of this move. She acknowledged the support from fellow major shareholders, including David Sullivan, who owns approximately 39% of the club, Daniel Kretinsky, and Tripp Smith.


“I have spoken to each of the other three major shareholders at West Ham United, David Sullivan, Daniel Kretinsky, and Tripp Smith, who have been very supportive,” Gold revealed. Her approach appears to be one of collaboration and consideration for the club’s broader interests.

Club Valuation and Recent Successes

The interest in West Ham’s shares might be heightened by the club’s recent achievements and valuation. Czech businessman Kretinsky’s acquisition of a 27% stake in 2021 pegged the club’s worth at around £650 million. Moreover, West Ham’s on-field success, including their triumph in the Europa Conference League final in June, their first major trophy in 43 years, adds to the club’s allure.

As West Ham stand ninth in the Premier League, the potential sale of Vanessa Gold’s shares marks a new chapter in the club’s ownership saga, intertwining family legacy with future aspirations.

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