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Hendrick Predicts Multi-Million Pound Lawsuits Against Everton

Everton’s 10 Point Deduction: Impact on the Premier League

Everton’s Financial Misconduct Leads to Points Deduction

Dave Hendrick, in his Two Footed Podcast from yesterday, discussed Everton Football Club’s 10-point Premier League deduction due to financial wrongdoings. He noted, “Everton have destroyed the profit and sustainability rules,” referencing their 44.7 million deficit in 2021-22 and the breach of permitted losses over a three-year period.

Consequences of the Breach

Highlighting the impact, Hendrick said:

“Everton were very open about the fact that they were in breach of the profit and sustainability rules.”

This breach allowed Everton to avoid relegation in recent seasons. If penalised earlier, their Premier League status could have been different, raising integrity questions.

Legal Ramifications and Future Prospects

Discussing potential legal actions from relegated clubs, Hendrick asserted:

“Those lawsuits will likely come to several hundreds of millions of pounds.”

However, he pointed out the minimal impact of the deduction this season: “A 10-point deduction now doesn’t really hurt them all that much.”

Hendrick drew parallels with Manchester City’s situation, emphasising the need for comprehensive investigations and stringent measures in such scenarios.

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Everton’s Response and the Road Ahead

Hendrick described Everton’s reaction as an attempt to “delay these lawsuits.” The club’s intention to appeal the decision is part of their strategy to navigate the immediate impacts of the ruling and the potential financial strain from legal battles.

Key Takeaways

  1. Financial Misconduct: Hendrick highlighted Everton’s clear breach of financial rules.
  2. Impact on League Integrity: The situation raises fairness and competition questions in the Premier League.
  3. Future Challenges: Legal and financial hurdles loom large for Everton.
  4. Broader Implications: The need for stricter governance in football finance is evident.
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