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Former Man United Star: Gareth Southgate is “Very Likely” to Replace Erik Ten Hag

Could Gareth Southgate Be Manchester United’s Next Manager? Insights from Michael Owen

In the dynamic world of football, managerial appointments can be as unpredictable as the game itself. Michael Owen, speaking on behalf of BoyleSports, who offer the latest Champions League odds, has stirred the pot with his thoughts on the potential successors for Manchester United’s managerial position. With several names floating around, Owen pinpoints Gareth Southgate as a strong contender.

Evaluating Southgate’s Chances

“It’s very possible Gareth Southgate will be the next Manchester United manager,” Owen stated. This assertion opens a plethora of possibilities for the Red Devils. Southgate, known for his tenure with the England national team, brings a calm and measured approach to management. His potential appointment could be a strategic move by United to instil a stable and progressive coaching philosophy.

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Managerial Shortage and Other Contenders

Owen also highlights a current shortage of top-tier managers, which makes Southgate’s candidature even more significant. “They are all very capable managers. There is a shortage of managers right now, though,” he notes. Zinedine Zidane and Graham Potter are also in the mix, but each comes with caveats. Zidane’s limited English could be a barrier, while Potter’s connection through Dan Ashworth could play to his advantage, albeit he’s not officially with United at the moment.

Tuchel’s Potential U-Turn

The conversation around potential managers doesn’t end with English candidates. Thomas Tuchel, former Chelsea manager, also gets a mention. Owen reflects, “Tuchel would be an interesting one. If Bayern won the Champions League, could there be a U-turn?” Tuchel’s capability is well-regarded, and his availability could shake up the managerial market. Owen adds, “He is one big name capable of the job,” acknowledging Tuchel’s strong reputation.

Surprises and Speculations

Among the speculated names, Zinedine Zidane stands out as a surprising yet unlikely candidate. “The one out of them I’d be most surprised at would be Zidane,” Owen expresses, considering the language barrier and Zidane’s current disengagement from the English football scene. Meanwhile, Owen deems both Southgate and Potter as “very impressive guys,” capable of managing at high levels despite their varying degrees of experience and success.

Final Thoughts on Southgate’s Suitability

The suitability of Gareth Southgate for the Manchester United job can be debated from various angles. His approach with the England team, characterized by a focus on youth development and tactical discipline, could be what United needs to forge a long-term identity. Owen’s insight sheds light on the complexities and considerations of such a high-profile appointment in football.

As Manchester United contemplates its next move, the thoughts shared by Michael Owen for BoyleSports provide a valuable perspective on what could be a pivotal decision for the club. Whether it will be Southgate, Potter, Tuchel, or a dark horse, the future managerial helm at Old Trafford is poised for intriguing developments.

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