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Mark Carlaw: West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen Not Heading to Newcastle

West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen: Newcastle’s Ambitious Target?

As the transfer window heats up, rumours and speculations are swirling, particularly surrounding West Ham United’s star forward, Jarrod Bowen. The West Ham Way Podcast, hosted by Mark Carlaw, delved into the latest buzz, particularly the reported interest from Newcastle United in signing Bowen.

Bowen’s Stellar Performance at West Ham

Jarrod Bowen has been a standout performer for West Ham United, with Mark Carlaw highlighting his impressive achievements: “He’s one of the best forwards in the country in terms of wingers… he’s bagged 20 goals this season and he’s getting better every season.” Bowen’s consistent performance has not only secured his spot in the England squad but also made him a crucial player for West Ham.


Newcastle’s Interest in Bowen

According to Mark Carlaw, Newcastle United have expressed significant interest in Bowen, with reports suggesting they are willing to spend big to secure his transfer. Carlaw acknowledges the credibility of these rumours, citing sources like the Telegraph and the Times. He notes, “Jarrod Bowen is Newcastle’s top target for this summer and they’re willing to spend big money to get him to Newcastle.”

Why Bowen is Unlikely to Leave

Despite the interest from Newcastle, Carlaw remains confident that Bowen will stay at West Ham. He points out Bowen’s strong ties to the club and his recent contract extension: “There is no way West Ham would entertain any offers for Jarrod Bowen unless it’s, you know, 200 million quid.” Carlaw emphasises that Bowen’s long-term commitment to West Ham, highlighted by his seven-year contract signed this season, is a clear indicator that he is not planning to leave anytime soon.

Family Ties and Personal Contentment

Carlaw also touches on the importance of Bowen’s personal life, which plays a significant role in his decision to stay: “Jarrod Bowen has got a family in Essex, you know what I mean, he’s got twins, he is a dad, he is very much a settled human being in his life.” This stability and contentment in his personal life make a move to Newcastle less appealing, especially given that Newcastle won’t be competing in European football next season.

West Ham’s Stance on Transfers

The podcast also discusses West Ham’s stance on potential transfers, emphasising the club’s reluctance to let go of key players like Bowen. Carlaw asserts, “For West Ham to even slightly entertain an offer for Bowen, it’s going to have to be astronomical… even 150 million, it’s going to have to be around that.” This strong position further solidifies the unlikelihood of Bowen’s departure.


In conclusion, while Newcastle United’s interest in Jarrod Bowen is notable and backed by credible sources, the likelihood of Bowen leaving West Ham appears slim. His impressive performance, long-term contract, and personal contentment all point towards a continued tenure at West Ham. As Mark Carlaw aptly puts it, “I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, Jarod Bowen’s going nowhere and he’ll be at West Ham for many years to come.”

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