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Hendrick Analyses Brentford and Brighton: A Tale of Two Seasons

Brentford and Brighton: A Season of Contrasts in the Premier League

The Premier League season has ended, and it’s time to look back at the campaigns of Brentford and Brighton, two clubs that have become fixtures in the top flight. Dave Hendrick from the Two Footed Podcast provides an insightful review of their seasons, highlighting the highs and lows each club faced. This analysis will delve into key moments and performances from both teams, drawing on Hendrick’s detailed commentary.

Brentford’s Roller-Coaster Season

Brentford experienced a challenging and somewhat disappointing season, finishing 16th. As Dave Hendrick noted, “Brentford had a weird year, I think everybody accepts it’s a weird disappointing season.” The absence of Ivan Toney due to suspension was a significant blow, but the team managed to score enough goals initially. They started strong with a 2-2 draw against Spurs and a 3-0 victory over Fulham. However, inconsistency plagued their campaign.

One of the most striking points Hendrick made was about Brentford’s mid-season slump: “From the 4th of November up until the end of the season, they only won six more games, and three of them came in the last six weeks of the season.” This poor run of form saw them flirt with the relegation zone, and they were saved from disaster only by a few crucial victories towards the end of the season.

Brighton’s Mixed Fortunes

Brighton, on the other hand, had a season of mixed fortunes. Under the guidance of Roberto De Zerbi, who parted ways with the club before the end of the season, Brighton finished 11th. Hendrick remarked, “For Brighton and Hove Albion, this wasn’t a bad season, it was a disappointing season based on what happened the year before.” The team started strong but faded in the latter part of the campaign.

Injuries played a significant role in Brighton’s struggles. Hendrick pointed out, “Solly March only started seven games, that means he missed 31.” This absence, along with other key injuries, disrupted their rhythm. Despite these challenges, there were bright spots, such as the emergence of young talents like Evan Ferguson and the solid performances of seasoned players like Lewis Dunk.

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Key Issues and Future Prospects

For Brentford, the main issues revolved around their recruitment and squad depth. Hendrick criticized their signings, stating, “Since coming up, you can only really make an argument for Wissa as a good signing.” He emphasized the need for Brentford to improve their recruitment strategy and strengthen their squad to avoid similar struggles in the future.

Brighton, meanwhile, need to focus on shoring up their defense and midfield. Hendrick suggested, “They need a new right back and they need two new center backs.” Additionally, the return of injured players and the integration of new signings will be crucial for their success next season. The club’s recruitment strategy has been strong, and they will need to continue this trend to maintain their Premier League status.

Looking Ahead

Both Brentford and Brighton have the potential to improve and solidify their positions in the Premier League. Brentford’s primary focus should be on recruitment and squad depth, while Brighton needs to address their defensive frailties and ensure their young talents continue to develop.

As Dave Hendrick aptly put it, “I like Brentford, I like them as a club, I like what they stand for.” This sentiment extends to Brighton as well, a club admired for their style of play and commitment to developing young players. With the right strategies and a bit of luck, both teams can look forward to a more successful season ahead.


The Premier League is a challenging environment, and the seasons of Brentford and Brighton illustrate the fine margins between success and struggle. Through astute analysis and commentary, Dave Hendrick of the Two Footed Podcast provides a comprehensive look at these two clubs. As fans, we can only hope for an exciting and competitive season ahead for both Brentford and Brighton.

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  1. Wow, Not even a word about Brentford’s nine first-team starters being out with injuries, and just a sloppily mentioned eight-month suspension for Toney, which would have been widely publicised. Due to injuries, Brentford was missing their whole back five for most of the season, including the goal keeper who was sent on loan to Arsenal. As previously noted, Brentford enjoyed a strong start to the season and it was even said that they performed better without Toney. The primary issue arose during the Newscastle game when Rico Henry sustained a long-term injury. This had a much more detrimental effect on the squad than the loss of Ivan Toney, to which the club eventually adjusted to with Bryan Mbeumo. This setback was followed by injury to A Hickey which meant now both full backs where now out for the remainder of the season. After that, Ben Mee, Josh DaSilva, Christain Norgaard Eathan Pinnock and Bryan Mbeumo, Toney’s replacement, sustained additional injuries.


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