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Goldbridge Critiques Southgate’s Tactics Ahead of Euros”

England’s Euros Journey: Insights from Mark Goldbridge and the That’s Football Podcast

England’s Squad for Euro 2024

As the anticipation for Euro 2024 builds, football enthusiasts are keenly discussing England’s potential squad. On the latest That’s Football podcast, Mark Goldbridge, delves into their picks for the England squad. “It’s a blend of experienced players and exciting new talents,” Goldbridge remarks, emphasising the importance of balance.

Goldbridge highlights the inclusion of players like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jude Bellingham, noting their critical roles. “Trent’s versatility is a game-changer, while Bellingham’s maturity at such a young age is astounding,” Goldbridge states. Alice echoes this sentiment, adding, “Their performances this season have been exceptional, making them indispensable for the tournament.”

Tactical Considerations

Discussing England’s tactical approach, Goldbridge stresses the need for flexibility. “Southgate must be prepared to adapt; sticking to one plan won’t cut it at this level,” he asserts. The podcast delves into potential formations, with Goldbridge favoring a 4-3-3 setup. “It allows for defensive solidity while providing attacking freedom,” he explains.

Alice highlights the importance of midfield dynamism, particularly praising Declan Rice. “Rice’s ability to break up play and drive forward will be crucial,” she notes. Goldbridge agrees, emphasizing, “He’s the anchor we need in midfield.”

Key Matches and Predictions

Reflecting on key matches, Goldbridge is optimistic about England’s chances. “We have the talent to go all the way, but it’s about handling the pressure,” he says. The discussion also touches on potential threats, with Alice pointing out, “Teams like France and Spain will be formidable opponents, but we have the squad depth to compete.”

Goldbridge shares his predictions, confidently stating, “If we play to our strengths and avoid injuries, reaching the final is a realistic goal.” The podcast also speculates on standout performers, with both hosts agreeing that Harry Kane will be pivotal. “Kane’s goal-scoring prowess is unmatched; he could be the tournament’s top scorer,” Alice suggests.

Fans’ Perspectives

The podcast doesn’t shy away from fan opinions, with Goldbridge reading out several comments. One fan writes, “Southgate needs to be braver with his selections,” reflecting a common sentiment among supporters. Goldbridge agrees, adding, “It’s about taking calculated risks; playing it safe won’t win you tournaments.”

Alice highlights the importance of fan support, stating, “The energy from the fans can spur the team on, especially in tight games.” Goldbridge concurs, emphasizing, “Our fans are our twelfth man; their passion is unmatched.”


In summary, the latest episode of That’s Football provides a comprehensive look at England’s prospects for Euro 2024. With expert analysis from Mark Goldbridge and Alice, fans gain valuable insights into squad selections, tactical approaches, and key matches. As the tournament approaches, the excitement and optimism among England supporters continue to grow.

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