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Fabrizio Romano: Man United’s Manager Dilemma Unpacked

Manchester United’s Managerial Dilemma and Transfer Prospects

Manchester United’s future under Erik ten Hag remains uncertain as the club explores various managerial options. This period of indecision is not only affecting Ten Hag but also impacting potential transfers. In a recent interview on The United Stand, Fabrizio Romano shared insights with Beth Tucker about the managerial situation and possible player movements, revealing key details that every United fan should know.

Manchester United’s Managerial Uncertainty

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding Erik ten Hag’s position at Manchester United is unprecedented. According to Fabrizio Romano, “it’s the first time I see something like this.” INEOS, the club’s new owners, are weighing all possible options, including retaining Ten Hag. Romano highlighted the complexity of this scenario, noting that Ten Hag and his team are “just waiting for Manchester United to decide.”

A critical aspect of this situation is the potential consideration of Gareth Southgate. Romano mentioned, “Southgate is one of the managers they know very well and appreciate.” The relationship between Southgate and the club’s new owners has fuelled speculation, although Romano confirmed that there have been no concrete or advanced talks. He did clarify that Southgate’s focus remains on the Euros and England, making an immediate club role unlikely.

The protracted decision-making process could reach a conclusion soon. Romano expressed hope, saying, “I expect them to make clarity soon over the position of Erik ten Hag.” This resolution is crucial for the club to present a stable project to potential new signings, an essential factor in securing top talent.

Transfer Targets and Implications

The uncertainty around the managerial position extends its impact to the transfer market. Manchester United has several targets, including Michael Olise & Benjamin Sesko. Romano confirmed that both Manchester United and Chelsea are interested in Olise, with meetings planned to discuss their projects with the player. He stressed the importance of having a clear managerial vision when presenting to potential signings: “You need to present a manager to a player.”

Similarly, the chase for Benjamin Sesko involves competition from Chelsea, Arsenal, and RB Leipzig. Romano noted, “Chelsea, United, and Arsenal are waiting for Benjamin Sesko to decide.” The lack of a defined managerial structure at United could put them at a disadvantage compared to their rivals, who can offer more certainty.


Manchester United’s delay in resolving Erik ten Hag’s future is causing significant ramifications across the club. As they explore managerial alternatives like Gareth Southgate, the uncertainty is affecting their ability to secure crucial signings. Fabrizio Romano’s insights highlight the urgent need for clarity. The club’s ability to present a coherent and attractive project to players like Michael Olise and Benjamin Sesko hinges on this decision. United fans and potential signings alike are eagerly awaiting a resolution that will shape the club’s immediate and long-term future.

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