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Has Kenny got the attack wrong? | Liverpool FC Opta Stats

Kenny Vs Kenny

This is a really interesting section as there are many differences from Kenny’s side this year to last season. The table on the right shows that Kenny’s side was scoring almost 2 goals per game last term. There’s a drastic drop of about 37% in this area which is scary for any side let alone Liverpool. With the fact that we are supposed to have improved the side this summer and spent a lot of money, it doesn’t bode well that we’re not producing it when it comes to scoring goals.

In mostly all the other areas Kenny’s Liverpool of this season are also behind on last years team, apart from Shots per game which has an increase but as we’ve proved before the increase is eaten up by shots off target – very disappointing. All of the stats at the bottom of the table favour Kenny’s Liverpool of last year.

Does Kenny need to play the old guard again? The Kuyt, Maxi & Suarez triumvirate were a force last season scoring 21 goals between them under Kenny stewardship. That’s 60% of the goals that the team scored under Kenny. It’s a little naïve to disregard the fact that these three played really well together and the fact that they had no Steven Gerrard behind them. They had a midfield of Spearing and Lucas doing the hard work whilst they worked away up top. Liverpool have really improved in a lot of areas but up top there is something wrong. Maybe the new signings rocked the boat a little? Especially as Kuyt and Maxi haven’t nearly seen the same amount of games as last season.

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