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Has Kenny got the attack wrong? | Liverpool FC Opta Stats

Projected Stats for 2012

The last aspect we wanted to look at is predicting what the final stats of this season would look like if we kept on performing at the current rate.

Again all the statistics see an improvement apart from the two that Liverpool fans want to see improved the most. Goals and goals assists will be down if we continue at the rate we are going now.

Goals will see a reduction of 25% and assists will see a reduction of about 22%. It really would not be good enough and would surely condemn us to 7th place and another mediocre season in the Premier League.

We’re going to leave you with some attacking stats from the three players that gelled last season. These stats are from our new Quick Season Player stats which allows you to filter from month to month on player stats.

So my question to you is: Has Kenny got the attack wrong? Should we play with Kuyt, Suarez and Maxi?

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Maxi Stats 10/11

Maxi Rodriguez stats 2010/11

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All of the stats on the table above have been taken from the Quick Season Player section on our Opta Stats Centre at EPLIndex.comSubscribe Now (Includes author privileges!) See Demo’s and videos about the Stats Centre & read about new additions to the stats centre.

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