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Has Kenny got the attack wrong? | Liverpool FC Opta Stats

A lot has been made of Liverpool FC’s attacking play this season. They’ve created chance upon chance and as we all know they’re finishing has been appalling. However how much of a change is it from last season? Were Liverpool as attacking? Did they take as many shots on goal?

We’ll look at all that in this article and have a projection to what the end of season stats will look like if Liverpool continued to perform at the level they are now. At the moment Liverpool have only played 26 games so it’s not going to be a perfect comparison as they’d have played different teams etc but we’re going to divide the stats by number of games played or minutes played to give averages for  each season.

Liverpool Attacking Stats Comparison

Liverpool FC Attacking Stats Comparison | EPL Opta StatsLooking first at overall stats (note we’ve only highlighted stats that can be compared fairly by breaking down to minutes or games per stat), the problem we all seem to know about with Liverpool’s lack of goals is highlighted here. Last season Liverpool managed a goal every 61 minutes as compared to a goal every 82 minutes this season. That’s a massive difference and one of our major flaws this season.

It’s not for the want of trying though, Liverpool are managing a shot every 7 minutes this season and on target every 17 minutes so there’s an improvement on last years attempt’s.

The shooting accuracy is down on last season and the chance conversion is obviously down on last season too. Had the chance conversion been 14% this season Liverpool would have scored (current chance conversion is actually at 8.57% – rounded up to 9 in the image) approximately 49 goals. That’s an extra 19 goals on what they have now and would have meant a lot more points for the side. Liverpool may have sat pretty in the top four had they matched last seasons effort when finishing off chances.

Also note that last season had the problems of Roy Hodgson as well as a poor end to the season (lost last two games without scoring a goal) and our stats this season really look poor. We will be looking back .

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