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Report: Nottingham Forest in Transfer Race for Betis Winger

Nottingham Forest’s Pursuit of Assane Diao: An Early Chase

Nottingham Forest’s Interest in Assane Diao

Nottingham Forest have reportedly made an initial move for Real Betis winger Assane Diao, as per sources from the Spanish media via Sport Witness. This early interest shows Forest’s proactive approach in the transfer market, despite Diao being currently occupied with the U-19 Euros. Estadio Deportivo has confirmed the reports, highlighting that the Tricky Trees are keen on negotiating a loan deal, potentially with an option or obligation to buy.

Betis and Diao’s Calm Response

Both Real Betis and Diao appear to be taking this interest calmly. As the transfer window has just opened, the possibility of other offers emerging remains high. “It’s claimed that both Betis and Diao are taking this interest calmly, knowing that the transfer window is just opening, and some other options may show up,” as stated in the report. This measured approach indicates their willingness to explore various opportunities before making any commitments.

The Peculiar Release Clause

One intriguing aspect of this potential transfer is Diao’s release clause. The report mentions a €30m release clause, which can be activated for €15m if the interested club doubles his salary. This unusual clause raises questions and is not fully explained, but it might be linked to ensuring the player’s camp receives a portion of the transfer fee. “Yes, that does sound very odd, and isn’t explained any further, but perhaps it’s related to the player’s camp getting some of the money if a club paid €30m.”

Competition in the Transfer Market

Nottingham Forest is likely to face stiff competition for Diao’s signature. The winger has previously attracted interest from other Premier League clubs and Saudi teams, adding to the complexity of securing his transfer. The article suggests, “Nottingham Forest should face some competition for the signing, though, as Diao was previously linked to other Premier League clubs, and Saudi sides have been keen as well.”


While Nottingham Forest’s pursuit of Assane Diao is still in its early stages, the next few weeks could bring significant developments. With the transfer window wide open and multiple clubs showing interest, the situation remains fluid and unpredictable. Sport Witness deserves credit for the original article that brought these details to light, providing valuable insights into this potential transfer saga.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index: Assane Diao’s Performance Data and Stats

Assane Diao’s Attacking Metrics

Assane Diao’s performance data, as illustrated by the chart from Fbref, provides a comprehensive view of his strengths and areas for improvement. Diao’s attacking metrics are notably varied. His non-penalty xG stands impressively at the 73rd percentile, demonstrating his knack for finding quality shooting positions. Additionally, his total shots metric places him at the 35th percentile, indicating room for improvement in shot volume. However, with non-penalty goals in the 87th percentile, it’s clear he converts chances effectively when he gets them.

Possession and Creative Contributions

In terms of possession and creativity, Diao shows promising stats. His progressive passes and carries are in the 55th and 42nd percentiles respectively, highlighting his ability to advance play. Moreover, his shot-creating actions are at the 47th percentile, suggesting he has a decent influence in the final third. Successful take-ons are at the 66th percentile, showing his proficiency in dribbling past defenders. Nevertheless, there is a need for improvement in his pass completion rate, which sits at a modest 10th percentile, indicating a tendency to lose possession.

Defensive Contributions

Defensively, Diao presents a mixed bag. His aerial duels won are in the 72nd percentile, showcasing his aerial ability. However, his clearances (99th percentile) and blocks (69th percentile) suggest he contributes significantly in defensive situations, often clearing danger effectively. Tackles and interceptions are also strong, sitting in the 71st and 69th percentiles respectively. These stats indicate Diao’s capability and willingness to track back and defend, making him a valuable asset in both offensive and defensive transitions.

Overall, Assane Diao’s performance data, courtesy of Fbref, paints a picture of a versatile winger with significant strengths in goal-scoring and defensive contributions but areas to improve in possession retention and creativity. As he continues to develop, these stats highlight his potential to become a key player in higher-tier leagues.

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